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slippedaway78 in destinyredefine

First Post!

Hello all My friendlies! I've decided to Make My Very Own Graphics community Because I want a Personal Journal and One for My Graphics/Song lyrics, Hope all my friends Join Because I know like all The Very best iconmakers around this world and Hope they can help me out here.

My Very first Icon Post will be very soon but for now all i wanna hear are your comments on me Opening a Graphics Community, i hope My loves join!


cant wait for your posts :) joined, of course :D
Awww Thanks raphster, i'm making icons right now in between looking on LJ so It may take a few days but as they all say Good work takes time and i use Paint Shop Pro 8 so They may look like not good lol even if Nikita uses that program too lol
Oh yeah I'm also looking for a second maintainer to help me out with this community a little bit, Anyone interested?
i don't really know the difference between any of these programs lol i just know the basic stuff on mine^^ but i'm sure yours are gonna look great as always xD
Awwww Thanks hon *kiss* I'm also about to be on FF, Anyone on LP thread if you know?