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Sara's Graphics & Fanfic Journal.

Everything I want is you, The rest Just Won't do.

Kiss The Rain
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A Community hosting My Arts/icons, song lyrics & Fanfiction.
By My Ashbee!

Hello and Welcome To My community, Where I will post all My Arts/Icons, Fanfiction, Anf Song lyrics from now on! some things you should know about me:

Favorite Shows: Gossip Girl (current obsession), One Tree hill, smallville, Grey's anatomy, ER, Buffy The Vampire slayer, Dawson's Creek, Charmed, Angel, The O.C., roswell, Veronica Mars, Everwood, Priveleged, 90210 (old & New)

Favorite movies, a cinderella Story (Chad Michael Murray DUH!), Another Cindrella story (Drew Seeley DUH), Camp rock, The notebook, Mean girls.

Top ten songs of right now:

1.Your Call- Secondhand Serenade
2.My Heart-Paramore
3.Love Story-Taylor Swift
4.Signs-Bloc Party
5.with Me-Sum 41
6.Three wishes-Pierces
7.Far more- honorary title
8.Stay Away-Honorary title
9.Where I stood-Missy Higgins
10.Vulnerable- Secondhand Serenda

Favorite couples Of all time: Chuck & Blair (My #1 OTP), Spike & Buffy, Pacey & Joey, Lucas & Peyton, Brooke & Lucas,Nathan & Haley,Alex & Izzie, Derek & Meredith,Phoebe & cole, Amy & ephram, Bright & Hannah, Seth & summer, Ryan & Marissa, House & Cameron,Max & Liz, Michael & Maria, Alex & Isabel, Luka & Abby, Doug & Carol, Lois & clark, Nate & Jenny.

Couples I have recently Stopped Shipping: Nate & Blair, Dan & Serena. i'm sorry to all my friends who love them but my heart Just has way too much love for C/B to love NB or Ds anymore.

Best friend couple I love: Serena & Blair,Brooke & Peyton, Brooke & Haley, Peyton & Haley, Buffy & Willow, Jen & Joey, Maria & Liz, Michael & Max.

Slash Couple I love: Willow & Tara, Spencer & Ashley.

"It's You. When all My Dreams come True, The One I Want Next to Me, It's you'